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What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover in Iowa?

Many states require businesses/ contractors to purchase and maintain a worker’s compensation insurance policy. The requirements may vary state to state; however, in most cases it is required and if not required, it is always a good idea to have. The differences state to state are like most insurance requirements that vary state to state more →




10 Reasons Your Iowa Small Business Needs Insurance

Running a business comes with many risks. A lot of things that many of us don’t think about will come in and catch us completely off guard. There could be a tornado that destroys some or all of your property, an employee can get hurt on the job, one of your clients can sue, etc more →




The Best Contractors Insurance in Missouri

It’s very important to protect your business and your clients from risks on the job site. If you don’t have enough of the right coverage, and something goes wrong, your business could be over before takeoff. So much about insurance, really depends on the type of contracting business that you own, the services you offer more →







The Best Contractors Insurance in Iowa

So, you're looking for some help insuring your Independent Contractor business? That’s probably a good idea, because you never know what can happen on a job site. If you don’t have enough of the right coverage when something goes wrong, your business could be over before it gets started. Of course, a lot is going more →




How to Eliminate Risk From Your Electrician Company

  Whether you’re an independent electrician or owner of an electrical company, working with electricity can be dangerous and unpredictable.   Electricians take precautions and protect themselves to ensure they can avoid as many accidents as possible by staying up to date on training's and learning about new electrical technology, and they also protect themselves more →




Small business owners in Keokuk – here’s how to protect your business from fraud

  Keokuk is lucky to have so many successful and dependable businesses. There is no doubt that without trustworthy or hardworking employees, a business in Keokuk could simply not be successful. Because a business is so dependent on employees doing their job, it’s important to put practices in place that help verify the quality of more →




Three things small businesses can learn from Chipotle’s mistakes

    Recently, Chipotle, a national Mexican food restaurant chain, came under attack due to a food borne illness that contaminated their food and caused multiple customers to become extremely sick. While this is a nightmare scenario for any restaurant owner, it’s important to take a look into what went wrong with Chipotle to learn more →







Don’t lose work before Winter

Right now the weather is still pretty moderate and there's still last minute home-improvement projects that can be done before the dead of winter. It's still a productive time of the year for electricians and other home-related industries.   If you're an electrical contractor in Keokuk, how do you make sure you take full advantage of this season more →