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Snowmobile Insurance


So, I know you’re wondering if you have to insure your snowmobile. It’s not a car, right? You’re probably thinking; “It’s like having a bike, and I don’t have to insure my bike”. Many of us have those same thoughts; however, the truth is, your snowmobile needs insurance. In many states, it’s a requirement.


According to The American Council of Snowmobile Associations, all states have rules and laws regarding snowmobiling. There are 23 states that require insurance for operation of a snowmobile. Some states such as Vermont; require snowmobiles to be registered and carry liability insurance. For the rules and laws in your specific state, you can use the link above; however, I recommend contacting an insurance agent as an extra precaution.


So, what is snowmobile insurance?


It is very similar to automobile insurance. Snowmobile insurance provides collision, comprehensive, and liability protection. This includes property damage and bodily injury. Snowmobile policies also offer uninsured/underinsured, medical payments, and OEM endorsement (original equipment manufacturer).


Is it worth purchasing snowmobile insurance?


I would say yes, no matter what. In a state like Vermont, which require insurance, you don’t have an option. To justify my all around “yes”, please review the statistic below provided by National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:

  • There are 1.2 million snowmobiles registered in the United States.
  • Snowmobiles weigh 600 pounds or more and can travel up to 90 miles per hour or more.
  • Each year, snowmobile related accidents produce an average of 200 deaths.
  • There are 14,000 snowmobile related injuries reported each year.
  • Speed, alcohol, driver inexperience, and poor judgement are the leading cause of these accidents.
  • Sounds like operating an automobile doesn’t it?


Why isn’t my snowmobile covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?


In general, most homeowner’s policies exclude snowmobile coverage. Why? Because homeowner’s insurance only covers “vehicles” that do not need to be registered by the state. This is the difference between not needing a policy for your children to ride their bikes and needing a policy specifically for your snowmobile.


How much will a snowmobile policy cost me?


The good news here is that you may only need one policy for 1 or more of your snowmobiles. Some policies allow you to insure multiple snowmobiles on one policy. This includes insuring multiple operators. This can lead to discounts. On average, policy owners pay about $10 a month for coverage.

Do I have to keep y snowmobile insured during the off-season? It’s definitely a good idea to do so. Depending on the policy you purchased, your snowmobile insurance will cover things like; fire, vandalism, and theft. These things can happen all year long. It is a good idea to insure your snowmobile even during the off-season.

It is important to protect your investment. It is equally important to protect your financial well-being. Having peace of mind is priceless. Accidents do happen. You don’t want to suffer a financial loss in the event that you are deemed to be at fault for a snowmobile accident.




Should I Purchase Travel Insurance for my Holiday Trips?


It’s end of the year and that means, holiday season! Road trips to visit parents, flights to visit in-laws, and bus rides from campuses to homes. If you are planning any trips, it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance. Even if you are planning a cruise, travel insurance is a good idea.

Travel insurance has two forms: travel medical insurance and trip cancellation insurance. Travel Medical Insurance is important to have. If traveling internationally, you may not be allowed entry into another country without it.


It’s possible that your personal health insurance plan covers you abroad; however, it is important to call and ask questions such as:


  • Does my plan cover emergency room visits abroad?
    Some policies limit the reasons and types of injuries/symptoms that justify an ER visit.
  • If I have to pay out of pocket, will policy allow reimbursement?
    In some countries, you have to pay for your services at the time of care, no insurance billing. It will be good to know if your policy reimburses you the amount you spent on care.
  • Does my policy cover medical evacuations?
    You may require evacuation out of the country you are visiting for immediate/appropriate care. Many times, this requires air ambulance. Knowing whether your policy covers this is a good idea.


If you haven’t answered yes to any of these questions then that’s a good indicator that purchasing travel medical insurance is a good idea, maybe even necessary.


Trip cancellation insurance provides protection for losses that may occur if your trip gets cancelled for an unexpected situation. Examples are:


  • Illness/Injury
    Let’s say you get sick the day before you fly out. The doctor gives strict orders and advises you NOT to travel for your already scheduled and booked trip. In this case, without trip cancellation insurance, you risk losing all the money that you invested for this trip.
  • Inclement Weather
    The weather where you are flying out of and weather where you are flying to; can cause conditions making it impossible to travel. Trip cancellation insurance protects against these events as well.
  • Strikes
    Employee strikes and terror strikes can cause you to cancel your trip. Having trip cancellation coverage will help you not lose your investment in the planned trip.


There are options that provide coverage on flexible terms. These are known as covered for any reason plans; which allow you to cancel your trip for any reason. Covered for any reason plans provide coverage if you cancel for a reason “other” than those covered by the usual trip cancellation coverage. Examples are:


  • Changed your mind about the trip
  • Civil unrest at destination
  • New job offer
  • Summoned to appear in court


It is always a good idea to get the specifics of the plans coverage. Not all plans reimburse at 100% and require a certain number of days’ notice.


For the best policies and coverage, contact an agent. We will help protection you, your family, and your investment!




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There are a lot of benefits when booking a vacation rental as your vacation headquarters. There are also many factors that come into play when booking the type of vacation rental such as a house, condo, and/or apartment. One thing that everyone should consider is the significance of insurance when staying at a vacation rental.

Why? Well consider your personal belongings, potential incident resulting in an injury, and the property itself getting damaged during your stay.

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Of course, a lot is going to depend on the type of contracting business you own, the services you offer, and how much stuff and people you need covered.

Don’t worry about that for now, we’ll get into that a little later, first let’s start with the basics.

No matter your business, services, number of employees, time zone, and/or hours of operation; no matter how big or how small your business is, the following coverages are essential when considering protecting your business: [click to continue…]




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