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Snowmobile Insurance

  So, I know you’re wondering if you have to insure your snowmobile. It’s not a car, right? You’re probably thinking; “It’s like having a bike, and I don’t have to insure my bike”. Many of us have those same thoughts; however, the truth is, your snowmobile needs insurance. In many states, it’s a requirement more →




Should I Purchase Travel Insurance for my Holiday Trips?

  It's end of the year and that means, holiday season! Road trips to visit parents, flights to visit in-laws, and bus rides from campuses to homes. If you are planning any trips, it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance. Even if you are planning a cruise, travel insurance is a good idea. Travel more →




Iowa Airplane Insurance: What you Need to Know

From soaring through the skies in a charter plane with passengers or gliding over the sea in your cub crafter, flying requires training and skill. No matter whether you are flying for business or flying for pleasure, you want to make sure that you protect your plane from risks. Getting an airplane insurance policy provides more →




5 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy This Winter

When the weather temperatures in Keokuk begin to drop down below 40 degrees, it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated to keep active; most find themselves burrowed under a cozy collection of blankets, or stocking up on delicious hot coffee at the local coffee shop. While there is nothing wrong with getting cozy or more →







Tips for a safe Fall season in Keokuk

Summer is officially over and headed our way is some great fall weather in Keokuk. With fall, however, comes a lot of changes. Kids are back to to school helping sickness spread easily, Halloween is almost here, and the sun sets sooner.     Even though it is getting darker sooner, that doesn’t mean your more →







Do I really need travel insurance?

While traveling on your dream vacation to France, your luggage is lost on the flight. Since you only packed light clothing and minimal toiletries, you aren’t too worried--until you realize your iPad and good DLR camera was tucked away in your luggage as well. Considering it a big loss, but nothing life changing, you go more →




Do I need rental car insurance on my vacation this summer?

  Vacations give your mind a break, but they definitely do not your bank account a break. Here are just a few vacation expenses to plan for: Food Hotel Stays Gas Toiletry Items Tourist related expenses – ie tours, behind the scenes adventures Rentals   Now that you have all these expenses added up, do more →




Is car insurance tied to the car or the driver?

  You decided to lend your car to a friend whose car is in the auto repair shop. Unfortunately while he is out he gets into a small accident. Everyone involved in the accident was okay, but who is financially responsible for the damages? You (since it is your car) or the friend (since he more →