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Is there such thing as snowmobile insurance?

Every time anyone gets behind the wheel of a car, jumps into a game, or dives into the water, they are taking a risk and have a responsibility to themselves and other participants -snowmobiling is no different.   Just like operating any other motor vehicle, snowmobile drivers should know how to ride responsibly because their more →




How to get out of debt in the New Year

The best thing about goal setting and starting fresh in the New Year is that everyone can do it. Regardless of income, if someone sets a goal and determines simple actions needed to accomplish that goal, it’s possible!   One resolution that most people seem to make every year is to get out of debt more →




Black Friday and Parking Lot Wars

Each year Black Friday specials are beginning earlier with stores like Walmart opening at 6pm on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.   When did the Thanksgiving holiday become such a rush for shopping madness? While we're all in the business of saving money and taking advantage of great deals, remember that nothing is more important than safety and the value more →




Solar Panels in Keokuk

  Solar energy isn’t a new concept, but it is a fairly new money-saving tactic that is now accessible to most homeowners.   Adding solar panels can add value to your home and keep your energy bill low. Plus, there are a lot of great tax write-offs that come along with running an energy efficient more →







How to get your home ready for a bad winter

  Summer is officially over. Leaves are beginning to change. Winter is coming! For most, this means putting up holiday decorations, shopping for winter clothes and perfecting fall recipes; while these are all great things, one important task that shouldn't fall off your list when preparing for winter is preparing your home!   Getting your more →




Obamacare and Small Business Owners

    Long story short, Obamacare means affordable health-care is here to stay. In a recent Supreme Court ruling, King v. Burwell, the courts ruled that health insurance subsidies that were granted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are legal, regardless if people are claiming them on the state or federal level.   more →




Tips to Grill Safely & In Style

  Who in your family or circle of friends is known as the barbecue master? Perhaps you should forward this to him or her.   As easy and relaxing as barbecuing may seem, did you know that serious barbecue accidents can occur without the proper safety precautions?   Here are six safety tips that every barbecuer more →




Boat Accidents Happen. Are You Protected?

  According to the US Coast Guard, there were 4,064 accidents in 2014 that resulted from recreational boating activities, which involved 610 deaths, 2,678 injuries, and about $39 million dollars of property damage.   Whether you’re a skilled fisherman, or a family of five cruising on the lake, it’s important to have the right protection more →




How to prepare a proper summer camp

  Summer camps always start from a great idea… “I love the outdoors and teaching others how to live outside. Maybe I’ll start a summer camp.” While this may be an honest and heartfelt idea, starting a safe and fun summer camp isn’t as easy as it may seem.   But what can go wrong more →