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Don’t Lose Your Mind While Driving This Winter

Winter weather is in full swing, making driving even more dangerous with slippery roads and blizzard conditions. Unless you are able to hibernate like a bear for the next three months inside the warmth and safety of your house, you are stuck driving even when the weather is a nightmare. The key is to avoid more →







How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Protection and Best Price?

Sticking with one agent might just do the trick. When looking for the right insurance policy, you are usually looking for the the best price. Meanwhile the agent is usually looking for and are most concerned with getting you the most adequate protection. Having your insurance with one agent maximizes both situation. Best price – more →




Car Rental Insurance! Who Buys Car Rental Insurance?

This is a tricky rhetorical question, because any insurance agent can tell you that every company has different language in their policies. On top of that, different states have different requirements for the insurance company and/or rental company to provide certain coverages. So to answer this rhetorical question you ask each time you travel and more →